1. A favorite resource by Väkerrystä – great overview of the various stitches
  2. Ann Marie Decker is an expert and does great research
  3. Some great booklets by Maria Lind Heel
  4. A blog by Pracownia Rzemiosł Dawnych

Nålbinding Stitches by Neulakintaat

Oslo Stitch

I consider this the foundational stitch.

Mammen Stitch

Mammen is like Oslo+ and turns out a bit thicker and tighter. Good choice for when you need something warm or that will take rough wear.

Another version (because starts are always the hardest part)

York Stitch

Pros: Easy enough, quick, stretchy in both dimensions.

Cons: twist, holey.

Probably best with a smaller nal, depending on yarn size, and tightened to the needle. Good for projects that need some stretch to them.